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Described by the Lansing State Journal as “an exercise in meticulously crafted sonic architecture,” Sonic Mosaic’s first record, 'Breaking Silence,' has established the band as one of Southeast Michigan’s premier progressive rock groups. As its name suggests, Sonic Mosaic creates an array of diverse musical textures, which it carefully reproduces at live performances. Focusing on catchy, yet nuanced, rhythms

and melodies, the power trio’s style incorporates elements from up-tempo classic rock to modern progressive rock.

Taking its cues from innovators such as Rush, Pink Floyd, and Porcupine Tree, Sonic Mosaic is both accessible and distinct. Sonic Mosaic’s “intuitively tight bass-and-drums rhythm section” [LSJ] both grounds and drives the music, while its layered, riff-oriented guitar focuses and guides it. Keyboards, sound samples and vocal harmonies round out the music and enhance its impact. And “…within all this devotion before the altar of Righteous Tone is enough careful songcraft, and shifting musical landscape, to hold your attention.” [LSJ]

Complementing a broad musical approach are singer Robert Henry’s evocative lyrics--considering universal themes of belief, acceptance, attachment and struggle, Sonic Mosaic questions conventions without being prescriptive.

Sonic Mosaic can be seen playing the Detroit music scene at The Token Lounge, The Ritz and New York, New York, where they opened for Corey Feldman and Truth Movement’s national tour in 2010.

Sonic Mosaic are currently writing their second CD, which is expected in 2011.

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